Novus Environmental commit to zero emission fleet of vans by 2028

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As we own a fleet of vehicles, the leadership team at Novus Environmental has taken the decision to announce publicly, that we are joining the Clean Van Commitment (CVC). The Clean Van Commitment is a public commitment for fleets to switch to zero tailpipe emission vans, in cities, by 2028.

Protecting public health

We have taken this decision as protecting public health is central to all of our business activities. This commitment demonstrates our desire to lead on reducing our own impact on the environment.

Currently there are over 4 million vans on UK roads. As a category, vans are the fastest growing vehicle type in the UK. Consequently, the impact to public health is set to increase. In fact, vans contribute 30% of UK road transport’s nitrous oxide emissions. To quantify this further, it is costing the NHS £2.2 billion a year in associated health costs. This air pollution affects our cities. The health costs are highest from diesel vans at a staggering £24,000 per van over a nine-year lifetime.

Air pollution is a big issue

The financial cost to the NHS is sobering. However, the real price is paid by families up and down the country. Every day in the UK, 99 people die prematurely due to poor air quality. It damages our lungs and heart and is especially harmful to children.

The Clean Van Commitment

As a signatory to the Clean Van Commitment, we will be attending pivotal meetings with the Office of Low Emission Vehicles. We will also take part in conversations to help shape air quality policies.

There is clearly much that businesses need to do to enable the transition to zero tailpipe emission vans. By joining with the other signatories, we aim to send a collective signal to manufacturers and government that the market is real; we can help make this happen.

What are our first steps?

Over the coming months we will be reviewing the age and condition of the vans we operate. The results will inform plans to update the replacement schedule. During this time, we will also assess the potential of electric vehicles; in particular whether today’s vehicles will meet our requirements without affecting customer service.

The Clean Van Commitment is coordinated by Global Action Plan and supported by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and ENGIE.


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