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As of 1st June 2015, the way in which Hazardous Waste is classified has changed considerably. New European Regulations governing the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals (CLP) have come into action within the UK, requiring many Hazardous waste chemicals to be re-assessed against the new criteria.

The changes are explained in guidance published by the Environment Agency, which is available to view here. This supersedes the former WM2 guidance and directs producers, managers and regulators of waste on how to work compliantly under the new framework.

The responsibilities under CLP regulations are comparable to the previous EU legislation, but there are some fundamental differences.
A huge volume of products must be re-labelled to comply with CLP. This includes consumer items such as paints, detergents and industrial mixtures. The earlier Hazard pictograms, previously orange, have been adapted to reflect the changes.

The new system is based on Hazard classes, categories and statement codes, as opposed to the former risk phrases and categories of danger and aims to set out criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, environmental and physical hazards.

Most importantly, the changes mean that some materials previously classed as Non-Hazardous could now be classified as Hazardous. The main area of impact for our customers is centred on the Hazardous codes (H). Below is a list of all the new HP codes, which replace the H codes:

Hazardous Waste Codes

HP1  Explosive

HP2 Oxidizing

HP3 Flammable

HP4 Irritant

HP5 Harmful

HP6 Toxic

HP7 Carcinogenic

HP8 Corrosive

HP9 Infectious

HP10 Toxic for Reproduction

HP11 Mutagenic

HP12 Produces toxic gases in contact with water, air or acid

HP13 Sensitising

HP14 Ecotoxic

HP15 Capable of exhibiting a hazardous property listed above not directly displayed by the original waste. If you have any queries on how this change may affect the disposal of your Hazardous waste, or would like technical guidance, contact our experienced team on 0844 770 0012 or


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