How to dispose of condemned foodstuffs

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We’re not talking out-of-date food or unsold food; in this article we’ll focus on condemned foodstuffs. Food is condemned due to contamination or damage.

Former foodstuffs

Food that is derived from animals or that contain products of animal origin should be removed from the food chain when they are no longer fit for human consumption. Other than out-of-date food there are other reasons for removal:

  • Damaged packaging
  • The food becomes spoiled, mouldy or is decomposing

Once a food is condemned for the above reasons it is classified as a waste animal by product.

Types of Contamination / Damage

The type of damage or contamination will have an impact on how the condemned foodstuff is treated. For example, if the packaging is water damaged, using the contents in pet food may be an option. This does provide challenges. Such as, transportation and the level of manual work in removing the packaging before processing can start.

If, however, the food is no longer fit for human consumption then incineration becomes a more attractive option. There are benefits from using incineration to consider.

  • Safe guarding public health by the permanent removal from circulation
  • Brand protection

Ad-hoc Waste Collections

It’s not always easy to know what to do when the unexpected happens. Mechanical / electrical failures to product contamination are just a couple of the potential upsets. A standard haulage company or general waste management company is unlikely to have the experience to manage the collection and disposal of condemned foodstuffs.

Public Health & Brand Protection

There are times when brands need the added assurance that their produce is permanently removed from circulation. The risk to public health and the potential for reputational damage to a brand is too great to allow even the smallest chance of condemned foodstuffs being sold illegally. You only have to look at resent press coverage of the alleged breaches of food safety at 2 Sisters.

Brand managers are welcome to witness the destruction, alternatively we can arrange for an observer to witness the destruction and can provide a copy of CCTV footage of the destruction for added peace of mind.

Condemned Foodstuffs processing methods

A company such as Novus Environmental has the experience, diverse fleet of vehicles and onsite processing facilities to quickly collect and process specialist waste.



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