Benefits of Outsourcing Residential Clinical Waste Collections

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It is the responsibility of local authorities to provide a clinical waste collection service for householders. This responsibility provides a range of challenges for local authorities to overcome.

These challenges include:

ADR Compliance

It is a requirement for drivers and vehicles to comply with ADR regulations when they are collecting dangerous goods including hazardous wastes. It is not uncommon for clinical waste to include items that are hazardous. For example, items that are contaminated with infectious bodily fluids or pharmaceutical residues would be considered as hazardous.

Clinical Waste Containers and Consumables

A further complication is the requirement for the driver to deliver replacement waste containers. The waste containers come in different sizes and colours depending on the waste being generated at a particular property.

Resourcing a collection team

In densely populated areas, such as a borough in a large city, it may be economically viable for the local authority to employ enough full-time staff and suitable vehicles to deliver the service in-house; including staff holiday and sickness cover. Outside of the larger cities it is unlikely that providing this service in house is a financially viable option; the level of work does not require a full-time team or a dedicated vehicle(s). This is where outsourcing the residential clinical waste collection service can provide local authorities with a cost effective solution.

Benefits of outsourcing a niche service

The waste management company takes on the commercial risk of employing drivers and maintaining a fleet of vehicles. They also have the responsibility of providing the service agreed in the contract.

How can the Waste Management Company Provide a Consistent Service?

In this example the waste management company is focusing its resources in delivering a specific service to a niche market – a clinical waste collection service for householders. By developing expertise in this area the supplier is able to provide its service to a number of authorities. Consequently, the service provider can afford to maintain a workforce and fleet that allow for staff holidays and sickness, and can accommodate vehicle servicing and breakdowns.

A clinical waste collection service for householders is an example of a service that Novus Environmental routinely provides to its customers. Please contact us if you would like more information on how we can provide your organisation with a waste collection service.


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