About Novus Environmental

Novus Environmental is a family owned and run business with 40 years experience as a specialist waste management business.


At the heart of our service is compliance to UK and EU regulations. Our portfolio of accreditations, permits and licences allows us to transfer and treat a wide range of waste streams.

ADR trained drivers and compliant fleet

To ensure we have the capability to collect a diverse range of wastes in a professional manner:

  • we manage our fleet of vehicles using a perpetual review system.
  • our vehicles conform to the latest legislation including ADR.
  • we employ only trained and ADR qualified drivers.
  • drivers are subject to regular disclosure and driving licence checks.

Waste types we can handle

We safely handle a range of waste streams; they can be classified as:

Secure Site

To ensure the security of our sites staff are on the premises 24 hours a day. In addition, barriers and gated entrances provide extra security. As a consequence we fully vet all staff, they are subject to disclosure and regular driving licence checks. We also ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of their employment.

Onsite waste treatment facilities

We offer onsite incineration or sterilisation processes. Our incineration process is clean and safe as we employ the best available pollution control and abatement technologies.

Our onsite Rotoclave® provides an improved sterilisation process when compared to the stationary autoclave process.

The organisations we serve

We deal with a broad range of customers across the UK including: hospitals, clinics, local authorities, zoological institutes, research and development, care services, food suppliers, transport and distribution companies and many government bodies including the UK Border Force, the Environment Agency and Trading Standards authorities.

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Quotes We recently changed to Novus Environmental for our incineration needs. We are world leading experts in powder filling and always have a great deal of clients material that has to be destroyed after testing. Novus Environmental always supply certificates of destruction - very much appreciated.