Environmental Responsibility

Environmental sustainability
At Novus Environmental, we constantly seek to harness sustainable technologies that will reduce our environmental impact, cut our CO² emissions, improve efficiency and help drive down costs for our customers.

Gardener Planting in Vegetable Garden

Energy from waste
Our energy from waste infrastructure project will turn the waste we process into climate-friendly energy, helping to sustain the environment for future generations.

Zero waste
We support a ‘zero waste’ society, and work with customers to adopt the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle. Where possible we employ closed loop systems to recycle or compost organic material and packaging, diverting waste away from landfill. Where this is not feasible, we dispose of waste with absolute diligence in order to protect human and animal health and the environment.




Novus Environmental have streamlined and simplified, what was to us a time consuming and complicated burden, allowing us to do what we are best at and saving us money.