Can Novus Environmental handle my waste?

Novus Environmental is licenced to handle a number of challenging wastes including; clinical, sharps, medicines, human healthcare, animal, food, seized goods, electrical and confidential wastes. However, this is not an exhaustive list so whatever your requirement, please contact us on 0330 221 1281 and we will be happy to help you.

How do I arrange for a quotation for the disposal of my waste?

The customer services team will be happy to provide you with a full quotation for the services required. We ask that you provide us with as much information as possible to ensure that we can provide a full and accurate quotation. Simply contact us on 0330 221 1281, or download and complete the Enquiry Form in our documents section.

Can Novus Environmental dispose of domestic (household) waste?

No, we are only licenced to manage wastes generated by commercial and industrial organisations and businesses. If you are unsure if we can handle your waste please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can Novus Environmental collect my waste?

Yes, we have a large fleet of Euro classified vehicles that reduce emissions and are all designed to meet ADR and Carriage of Dangerous Goods requirements. We run a 24/7 collection and transport operation with a team of over 30 ADR qualified drivers. If you are interested in arranging for Novus Environmental to collect your waste then please contact us.

Can I bring my waste to Novus Environmental directly?

Yes, you can organise to bring in your waste directly to our site at Thriplow Heath which has off-loading and weighbridge facilities, or to our waste transfer stations based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and Livingston, West Lothian. Please contact us before bringing your waste to us so we can assess that we can safely, effectively and swiftly unload it.

I am unsure of the best route for disposal of my waste, what should I do?

If you are unsure of the correct disposal procedures please telephone customer services on 0330 221 1281 and they will advise you of which member of our expert team you should speak to.

I have a legislative / technical question, where can I get guidance from?

We have an expert team at Novus Environmental, from Operations and Transport to our Compliance Officer. All of these members of staff are here to provide guidance. Please speak to a member of our customer services team in the first instance and then they will forward you on to the relevant member of the team.

Can Novus Environmental process my waste?

Novus Environmental operates a number of different technologies under our licences to process a broad variety of waste types. If we are unable to process your waste at our facilities our team will endeavour to provide an alternative and hassle-free solution.

Does Novus Environmental sell any consumable products?

Yes. Novus Environmental offers a broad range of containers for the safe containment of your waste. Please visit our supplies page, or contact us for full details.

Does Novus Environmental hold all relevant licences?

Novus Environmental holds all relevant site licences, handling and processing licences for the management of numerous wastes. These licences are held by our parent company Vetspeed Ltd and can be viewed here.

How can I pay for my waste disposal?

As an account holder payment can be made within the agreed terms by direct BACS transfer, Direct Debit, debit/credit card or cheque.

For one-off collections, payment is required in advance of the service being carried out by direct BACS transfer, debit/credit card or cheque (cheques will need to clear).

How can I contact Novus Environmental?

There are several ways you can contact our team of experts here at Novus Environmental, either by phone on 0330 221 1281, by fax 01763 207766 or by email customer.services@novus-environmental.co.uk

I would like to make a complaint, who do I contact?

Novus Environmental is committed to providing excellence. If you feel that your enquiry has been dealt with unsatisfactorily, or if you would like to make a formal complaint please contact: Kim Crosswaite, Novus Environmental, Head Office, A505 Main Road Thriplow Heath, Nr Royston Hertfordshire SG8 7RR t: 0330 221 1281 f: 01763 207766.


The team I spoke with or contacted via email were helpful and understood my requirements - the matter was dealt with quickly and efficiently.