Waste to Energy Plant

At Novus Environmental we take our responsibility to the environment seriously; which is why we are investing in a state-of-the-art waste to energy (WTE) plant.

In September 2016 we received planning consent for the WTE from Cambridgeshire County Council – planning consent reference: S/0008/15/cw

The waste to energy plant will deliver the following benefits:

  • Green energy fed to National Grid
  • Reduce waste going to landfill sites and the transportation activities
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels to power our site
  • Increased capacity to process waste
  • Improvement in our waste hierarchy management through the extraction of energy from waste

Waste to Energy Process

The new facility allows us to recover the energy from the waste we process. The new process treats organic matter at high temperature with no oxygen present. This process is known as pyrolysis.

When organic materials are pyrolysed a significant amount of gas is produced which is made up of carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen. This gas has a high energy content and can be used as an alternative fuel to natural gas. As pyrolysis has no oxygen present there is no combustion and therefore there are no emissions at this stage.

Increased Efficiency

The other product created during pyrolosis is carbon or charcoal. We remove the carbon from the retort; we then generate hot gas using the carbon as fuel. This gas is then used to externally heat the retort which pyrolyses the incoming waste. This second process makes the plant very efficient as the incoming waste generates the fuel to heat itself. Other processes usually need to use fossil fuel to heat the retort.

We use the hot gas to heat a boiler which generates steam. This steam is used to displace existing diesel fired boilers. It can also be used for district heating. Extremely efficient ceramic filters cleanse the now cool gas making it safe to release into the atmosphere.

Waste Management Hierarchy

We provide advice on waste classification and segregation to ensure our customers are using the most appropriate waste management solution.

However, it’s not possible or practical for our customers to avoid sending waste to a treatment site such as ours. With the introduction of the waste to energy plant we are moving thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill or straight forward incineration into a more efficient energy recovery process.

Compliant Process

Compliance is at the centre of all of our activities – for more information you can view all of our licences and permits in the compliance section of this website.

The new waste to energy plant falls under the remit of the Environment Agency (EA). To ensure the safe operation of the site the EA will check that all activities and processes are well designed and managed.

What Next?

If you have any questions about the new plant or our services please email or use the above enquiry form.

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We recently changed to Novus Environmental for our incineration needs. We are world leading experts in powder filling and always have a great deal of clients material that has to be destroyed after testing. Novus Environmental always supply certificates of destruction - very much appreciated.