Hazardous Waste Disposal

We handle hazardous waste disposal in accordance with UK & EU legislation.

Using our fleet of vehicles we offer a waste management service through our network of transfer and processing sites.

We have many years experience in specialist waste management including hazardous waste disposal. As a result we can offer you expert advice on the segregation and containment of all kinds of hazardous waste. The classification system for hazardous waste is constantly being updated. If you are unsure if the waste you have for disposal is determined as hazardous, in the first instance please call us for guidance.

Our established network of partnerships ensures that we are able to provide you with a single source solution for the management and disposal of your hazardous waste.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous wastes are wastes with properties that make it an oxidising agent, flammable, irritant, harmful, toxic, carcinogenic, corrosive, infectious, mutagenic or ecotoxic.

Examples of hazardous waste include clinical waste, lead-acid batteries, solvent-based inks and paints, pesticides, petrochemical oils, fluorescent light tubes, equipment containing Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS, as found in WEEE products) and hazardous packaging waste.


Compliance is a legal requirement that we take very seriously, consequently we are fully compliant with all relevant legislation; in addition we can offer support and advice on completing all necessary documents and paperwork relating to the transport and disposal of your waste.

What Next?

To find out how Novus Environmental can help your company dispose of hazardous waste email us. Alternatively use the enquiry form at the top of the page. You can also talk to our in-house compliance manager, please contact our customer care team to make arrangements.

Call 0330 221 1281 for all your waste management needs



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