Offensive Waste Disposal

Offensive waste is non-infectious waste that is unpleasant and causes offense to the senses. The residual health risk is considered low when segregated properly.

How we can help:

  • Advice on waste segregation
  • ADR trained drivers and compliant fleet
  • Onsite waste disposal processes
  • Supply of consumables

We are conscious of our Duty of Care to you. As a result we offer free training and waste audits, to help you ensure that your organisation segregates offensive waste correctly.

Our fully licenced waste management service provides you with the assurance that your offensive waste is handled, transported and treated in accordance with the Department of Health guide: HTM 07:01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, for peace of mind.

Offensive waste is classified as non-hazardous. It can consist of human or animal waste. Therefore items such as incontinence pads, catheter and stoma bags, nappies and sanitary waste are considered offensive waste.

Offensive waste is generally produced by human and animal healthcare providers, therefore the primary waste producers are likely to be hospitals, nursing homes and hospices, as well as veterinary practices and zoological institutes.

Waste Segregation

Offensive waste is non-hazardous; however it still requires special labelling, storage and disposal. You can minimise your disposal costs through the correct identification and segregation. As experts in the field we are able to advise you on the best methods to ensure employee buy in and adherence to waste segregation policies.

Offensive Waste Disposal Processes

The disposal of offensive waste (20 01 99) is a specialist field, in which Novus Environmental possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are one of the country’s few waste management companies using Rotoclave technology to sterilise offensive waste. In addition we can also provide a complete destruction service.

We also operate fully compliant disposal service for human healthcare  offensive waste ( 18 01 04) and animal healthcare offensive waste (18 02 03).


We can supply a range of waste disposal products items including colour coded bins and bags.

What next?

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  • Cost-effective disposal
  • Department of Health compliant
  • Free waste audits
  • Waste segregation training


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