Confiscated and Counterfeit Goods Disposal

To ensure public safety we work with a variety of Government Bodies, national organisations and local authorities in providing a compliant confiscated and counterfeit goods disposal service.

  • Fully vetted & ADR trained drivers
  • ADR compliant fleet
  • Nationwide collection service
  • Witnessed destruction
  • Rapid response
  • Secure site
  • Confidential collections and paperwork
  • Safe guarding consumers

Our confiscated and counterfeit goods disposal service will prevent seized items from entering the marketplace and protect your reputation.

At Novus Environmental we will discuss your exact needs to provide an expert, bespoke and rapid solution for the collection and disposal of counterfeit, contaminated and confiscated material. We can also arrange for an observer to witness the destruction of seized goods for legal purposes or for peace of mind.

The processing method is dependent on the type of waste:

Counterfeit Goods Disposal

We find that the majority of fraudulent goods originate from overseas. It is when the importer tries to bring the goods into a the UK that they are confiscated.

Contaminated Goods Disposal

Contaminated goods are any items contaminated with a substance that poses a danger to human and animal health or the environment.

Confiscated Goods Disposal

Confiscated goods are objects that have been seized because they do not have the necessary paperwork, are out of date or rotten meat and food, are deemed to be a dangerous or illegal trade, or are prohibited from being imported into the EEC.

Spoilt Goods Disposal

Nobody plans to let goods spoil. Not only do you have the cost of the stock, lost sales revenue and potential damage to your company’s reputation you will also incur additional costs to have the goods removed and disposed of legally.

Witnessed Disposal – Legal Requirement

For many companies and brand managers it is not just for “peace of mind” there is also a legal requirement to ensure that counterfeit products or controlled drugs have been destroyed and can not re-enter the market. To help with this we are happy to accommodate visiting clients who wish to witness the destruction of these materials.

Secure Waste Disposal Site & Vetted Staff

To ensure the security of our sites, staff are on the premises 24 hours a day. Barriers and gated entrances provide additional security.

We fully vet all staff. They are subject to disclosure and regular driving licence checks. We also ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of their employment.

CCTV recorded destruction & Certificates of Destruction

Our secure destruction service includes a fully operational 24 hour CCTV system that closely monitors the site. We can offer our clients a permanent record of the disposal for their files if required. To provide further assurance and documented evidence we issue a Certificate of destruction.

Brand Protection

By destroying obsolete or damaged inventory and stopping it from re-entering the market we protect companies and provides brand managers with peace-of-mind.

We can record from our CCTV and provide a permanent record of the destruction.

What Next?

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